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Your Rigby rental property has ongoing needs, and caring for it properly can be a full-time job. We’ve designed a management plan that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. It doesn’t matter if you’re an investor with an entire portfolio or a local homeowner with a single property on the market. We’re here to help.

From advertising your vacant home to screening tenants and juggling repair requests, we’ll handle everything involved in your rental property. We cover all of Rigby, and the surrounding areas.

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Rigby, Idaho

Rigby is a small town at the heart of Jefferson County, with approximately 4,000 local residents. This community sits equidistant between Rexburg and Idaho Falls. It traces its history back to the late 1800s, when LDS settlers arrived in the area. "Rigby" is also used to describe many other unincorporated areas of Jefferson County, including Clark, Grant, and Annis.

Many of those who call Rigby home work in agriculture or for the federal government. The nearby Idaho National Laboratory provides many employment opportunities for skilled workers. The tourism industry also sees some activity in Rigby, with several local golf courses and nearby ski resorts drawing visitors from across the state. Those not employed in these industries generally commute to larger cities in eastern Idaho for work.

Living in Rigby, Idaho

Much of Rigby's appeal derives from the small town feel of this quaint destination. Rigby is very proud of its heritage and history, with local landmarks like the Jefferson County Historical Society and Museum serving to document this past. The community is home to one high school, Rigby High School, which serves the community and many other parts of Jefferson County.

Most of those living in Rigby choose single-family homes. Because of Rigby's small size and relatively low housing demand, many local rentals are inherently affordable for families. This helps keep Rigby a popular spot for those seeking a quiet place to call home.

Working with a Rigby Property Manager

Rigby property owners hoping to turn a profit with a rental home face a number of challenges. Low housing demand can make it difficult to find qualified tenants, while low rental prices can mean tighter margins for homeowners. Many Rigby investors ultimately turn to a property management firm to navigate these obstacles more successfully.

BMG Rentals is one of Jefferson County's most popular property management firms, thanks to our extensive expertise and track record in eastern Idaho. Our team has managed over 1,000 properties in the area over the course of our history. We take a unique approach to property management, with a "customer first" approach that keeps our clients satisfied.

With BMG Rentals, you'll never pay for our assistance before your home finds a tenant. We offer straightforward pricing, no startup or leasing fees, and non-binding contracts that provide unbeatable flexibility. Isn't it time to discover what a professional property manager could help you achieve in your Rigby, Idaho rental home?

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