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5 Reasons To Invest in Idaho Real Estate

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Idaho. It is also known as the Gem State, and it could be a hidden gem to invest in real estate.In 2022, the average value of a typical home in Idaho was over $427,000.If you are considering investing in Idaho real estate, you may... read more >>

The Benefits of Having a Long-term Tenant

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Last year, more than 70% of renters didn't change their residences in the United States. Renters often move frequently to find a bigger place, but some of them stick around for long-term leases. If you want to m... read more >>

The Most Common Property Marketing Mistakes

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Companies spend, on average, around 9-12% of their overall budget on marketing, but if you're thinking about property marketing, some things might be different. We have some property marketing tips that will help you avoid som... read more >>
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